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What are the overall dimensions of a Ford Edge?

Overall Dimensions of a Ford Edge
The overall dimensions of a Ford Edge vary depending on the specific model and year. Here are some key dimensions for the Ford Edge:
– Length: The Ford Edge has a length of approximately 188.8 inches or 4834 mm .
– Width: The width of the Ford Edge is around 75.9 inches or 1928 mm without the exterior mirrors. The width can vary depending on whether the exterior mirrors are included, ranging from 75.9 inches to 85.8 inches.
– Height: The Ford Edge has a height of approximately 1732 mm or 40 mm higher compared to previous models.
– Ground Clearance: The Ford Edge has a ground clearance of 19 cm, which contributes to its classification as a large SUV and 4×4 car.
Please note that these dimensions are approximate and may vary slightly depending on the specific model and year of the Ford Edge. For more precise measurements, it is recommended to refer to the official specifications provided by Ford or consult with a Ford dealership.
I hope this information helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.

How long and wide is a Ford Edge?

Ford customers near Wayne, MI, will find the new Ford Edge has an exterior length of 188.8 inches and an exterior width of 85.8 inches with the sideview mirrors—or a width of 78.4 inches with mirrors folded and 75.9 inches without mirrors, to be exact—which makes it more compact than the 2021 Ford Explorer but slightly …

What Ford SUV is smaller than the edge?

Ford Escape
The main difference between the Ford Edge and Ford Escape is that the Edge is a two-row midsize SUV, while the Escape is a more compact crossover SUV.

What are the negatives with the Ford Edge?

Faulty airbags, bad windshield seals, and fuel tank defect are some of the major issues reported by Ford Edge owners through the years.

What are the dimensions of the back of a Ford Edge?

Ford Edge Interior Dimensions and Cargo Space
Front/Rear Headroom:40.2 inches / 40.3 inches. Front/Rear Legroom: 42.6 inches / 40.6 inches. Front/Rear Hiproom: 55.9 inches / 57.5 inches. Front/Rear Shoulder Room: 60.3 inches / 60.5 inches.

Is the Ford Edge a midsize or full size SUV?

The Ford Edge is a mid-size crossover SUV that many owners love. One thing that owners love about it is the fact that it’s extremely comfortable and offers ample space. Due to its sizeable cabin and cargo area, it is perfect for hauling luggage, groceries, multiple people, and much more.

What is Ford Edge comparable to?

First on our list of Ford Edge competitors is the Honda Passport, a car with tons of room and plenty of Honda Sense safety features that come standard in the basic trim. It also offers intelligent traction management to keep the car steady on the road.

Why is Ford discontinuing the Edge?

Ford has officially declared the retirement of the Edge after the 2023 model. This decision is due to Ford’s commitment to electric vehicles. As part of its long-term vision, the company aims to focus more of its resources on EV production, and the Edge needs to fit that mold.

Which is bigger a Ford Edge or a Chevy Equinox?

Equinox vs.
Edge by their size and dimensions, you’ll find that the Ford Edge is a larger car overall. Because the Ford Edge is bigger than the Equinox, naturally you’re going to have more cargo space and overall interior space than the Equinox.

Is the Ford Edge bigger or smaller than the escape?

The overall size difference between Ford Edge and Escape isn’t much but you’ll see that the Ford Edge is slightly larger across the board. It has a longer wheelbase, overall length, width, and height, as well as a larger amount of passenger space and cargo volume, all by similarly small differences.

Which is bigger Ford Edge or Toyota RAV4?

With the 2022 Ford Edge and 2021 Toyota RAV4, everyone can come along for the ride with seating for five. However, your kids will probably prefer the 113.9 cubic feet of passenger space in the Edge over the only 98.9 cubic feet of room in the RAV4.

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