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How do I identify my Ford rear end?

Identifying Your Ford Rear End
To identify your Ford rear end, there are several methods you can use. Here are a few options:
1. Differential Tags and Stampings: The most accurate way to identify your Ford rear end is by checking the bottom line of the tag number or the axle tube stamp. Differential tags can be used to identify both Dana and Ford differentials.
2. Door Sticker: You can also find information about your Ford rear end on the door sticker of your vehicle. Open the driver’s door and look at the door jamb. You’ll see a sticker that contains an axle code. You can refer to a chart to identify the specific rear end based on the axle code.
3. Bolts and Gasket Shape: Another method is to count the bolts on the rear-end housing and visually identify the rear-end gasket shape. Different Ford rear ends have different bolt counts and gasket shapes. By comparing these details with a chart, you can determine the type of rear end you have.
4. Model Numbers: Some Ford rear ends have model numbers attached to the rear end housing. By locating and identifying these model numbers, you can determine the specific type of rear end you have.
It’s important to note that these methods may vary depending on the specific model and year of your Ford vehicle. If you’re unsure or need further assistance, it’s recommended to consult with a differential expert or contact Ford’s Customer Relationship Center for more information.
I hope this helps you identify your Ford rear end! Let me know if there’s anything else I can assist you with.

What years is a Ford 9 inch rear end?

The Ford 9-inch rear end, so named because of its 9-inch ring gear diameter, was manufactured from 1957 to 1987 by the Ford Motor Company and installed in some intermediate and most full-size Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury passenger cars, F-Series ½-ton trucks, and Econoline vans.

How do I identify my Ford axle?

The location of Ford identification tags will vary by model, but most are located on a carrier cover bolt. The Ring Gear Size (differential type) and the Gear Ratio will be printed on the tag (as well as whether or not the differential is limited slip).

How do I know if I have 8.8 or 9.75 rear end?

On the passenger’s side upper and lower corners, there’s two semi-circular divots that can easily be seen when looking at the cover from straight on. While the Super 8.8’s cover has a bulge for the ring gear, it’s not anywhere near as pronounced as the 9.75’s.

What is the ID tag on a Ford 8.8 rear end?

A Ford identifying tag is attached to one of the rear cover bolts. The four-letter code on the top right of the tag will be a dead giveaway as to whether you have found an 8.8-inch axle. The first three digits of these codes are listed with the original applications mentioned on the chart.

How do I identify my 8-inch Ford rear end?

Of course, the simplest way to ensure you have an 8-inch rear is to find the ID tag still attached to one of the differential mounting bolts. Axle codes would be a four- or five-digit letter designation for the top row of numbers on the tag.

How do I identify my axle?

Sprung and Torflex axle labels can be found on the side of the axle facing your rear bumper. The axle label provides critical manufacturing information, including the axle serial number, axle capacity, and axle build information. Locating your axle label will help ensure that you identify your axle correctly.

How do I know what Ford rear axle I have?

To determine the axle ratio of your vehicle, locate the two-digit axle code first, then use your vehicle’s towing guide to find the axle ratio that corresponds to that code. If your vehicle has a limited-slip differential, it will be noted as “Limited Slip.”

How do you decode a Ford rear end tag?

Whether. It needs an additive or not usually that’s on those tags also. As far as identifying Ford. Gives most of the Fords will have the same format. So your super duties your f-150 is your Mustangs.

How do I know what kind of rear end I have?

If the ID tag or stamp is missing or unreadable, differentials can be identified by the number of cover bolts, the distinctive shape of the cover, the number of ring gear bolts, and ring gear diameter. They can also be identified by whether the center section is an integral or dropout design.

Can you tell gear ratio from VIN?

You don’t. That information is not contained in the VIN, UNLESS a specific model only gets one rear end ratio. VIN tells country of manufacture, vehicle make, class, engine type, size, date of manufacture, plant and serial number. That is the ONLY information contained by the VIN.

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