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How many seats do Ford Rangers have?

Number of Seats in Ford Rangers
The number of seats in Ford Rangers varies depending on the specific model and configuration. Here are the seating options for different Ford Ranger models:
– Regular Cab: The Regular Cab version of the Ford Ranger is strictly a two-seater. It is designed to accommodate two adults comfortably, even if they are tall.
– Super Cab: The Super Cab model has a fold-down bench behind the front seats designed for occasional use. It can seat two adults in the rear, but they may not have ample legroom to stretch.
– SuperCrew: The SuperCrew model can seat either four people in its SuperCab configuration or five people with the four-door SuperCrew model.
It’s important to note that the seating capacity may vary based on the specific model and configuration of the Ford Ranger.
For more detailed information about the seating capacity and configurations of specific Ford Ranger models, it’s recommended to consult the official Ford Ranger model details and specifications or the owner’s manual for the specific vehicle.
This information is based on the available data for Ford Ranger models and configurations .
If you have a specific Ford Ranger model in mind, it’s advisable to refer to the official Ford website or contact a Ford dealer for precise details regarding seating capacity and configurations.

Do Rangers have back seats?

With premium cloth or leather-trimmed upholstery options and available power adjustment, heat, and memory features, every passenger can ride comfortably. Front passengers can enjoy 41 inches of headroom and 43.7 inches of legroom, while the backseat offers 38.3 inches of headroom and 34.6 inches of legroom.

Does the Ford Ranger have a 6 bed?

2019 Ford Ranger Bed Dimensions
6-Foot Bed: Available with the SuperCab configuration, the dimensions of the 6-foot bed are 72.8 inches x 44.8 inches x 20.8 inches, with a total volume of 51.8 cubic feet.

How many passengers does a Ford Ranger have?

The Ranger can seat four people in its SuperCab configuration and five people with the four-door SuperCrew model. Cloth upholstery and manually adjustable front seats come standard.

Do Ford Rangers have 4 seats?

The standard four-passenger SuperCab is paired with a 6-foot bed, while the available five-passenger SuperCrew cab comes with a five-foot box. These configurations are available across the entire Ford Ranger lineup.

How many seats has a Ford Ranger got?

Ford Ranger Raptor capacity & size
The Ford Ranger comes in a single cab and double cab, but it is the latter that makes up the vast majority of the range and will account for almost all the sales. This version comes with seating for five and has a good-sized loading bay out the back.

Do Ford Rangers have bench seats?

It also has a heated steering wheel, a power-sliding rear window, leather-trimmed front bucket seats with power memory, and leather-trimmed fold-flat rear bench seats. The 2024 model year also introduces the all-new Ranger Raptor trim.

Do Ford Rangers have a back seat?

If you were looking at the super cab. Things would be like a tiny little bit tighter. Like a little bit tight. Like if you’ve been in the back of a Mustang tight.

Is a Ford Ranger a large truck?

The Ranger was first available in the US from 1983 to 2012 as a compact pickup. In 2019 it was re-introduced in North America as the mid-sized pickup we see now.

What is the maximum capacity of the Ford Ranger?

2022 Ranger: Capacities
When properly equipped, the Ranger can offer a maximum payload capacity of 1,905 pounds.

Is a Ranger a full size truck?

The Ranger is a midsize truck and the F-150 is a full-size offering, but the fact they are Ford trucks is almost all they have in common, and here’s why. The Ranger we have here is very different to previous incarnations Ford used to sell here in the US before it was discontinued.

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