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What Ford is similar to Lincoln Nautilus?

Similarities Between Ford and Lincoln Nautilus
When comparing the Ford Edge and the Lincoln Nautilus, there are several similarities between the two vehicles. Here are some key points to consider:
1. Platform and Architecture: The Lincoln Nautilus and the Ford Edge ride on the same platform and share the same wheelbase, engine options, and overall architecture.
2. Power and Performance: The 2022 Ford Edge and the 2022 Lincoln Nautilus have similar standard and optional engines, providing comparable power and performance.
3. Cargo Capacity: While both vehicles offer ample cargo space, the Ford Edge has slightly more cargo capacity than the Lincoln Nautilus.
4. Price: The Ford Edge is generally less expensive than the Lincoln Nautilus, with a lower starting MSRP.
5. Fuel Economy: The Ford Edge has slightly better fuel economy than the Lincoln Nautilus, with higher mileage on both city and highway driving.
6. Interior Features: The Lincoln Nautilus offers some additional luxury features compared to the Ford Edge, such as massaging seats and a digital gauge cluster.
It’s important to note that while there are similarities between the Ford Edge and the Lincoln Nautilus, there are also some differences in terms of design, comfort, and specific features. It’s recommended to test drive both vehicles and consider your personal preferences and needs before making a decision.
I hope this information helps you in your research! Let me know if there’s anything else I can assist you with.

What Ford model is the Nautilus based on?

What’s New for 2024? A big step up from last year’s Nautilus, Lincoln has given its crossover new duds inside and out as it starts an all-new third generation. The Nautilus rides on a revised version of Ford’s C2 platform, which underpins the Escape, Bronco Sport, and Maverick.

What is the Ford equivalent of the Lincoln Nautilus?

In comparing the Ford Edge’s and the Lincoln Nautilus’s specifications and ratings, the Ford Edge has the advantage in the areas of new vehicle base pricing, resale value and interior volume. The Ford Edge and Lincoln Nautilus have the same base engine power.

What vehicle did the Lincoln Nautilus replace?

The sophisticated Lincoln MKX is being replaced with the all-new Lincoln Nautilus for a fresh take on luxury SUV driving.

Is the Lincoln Nautilus the Ford Edge?

The counterpart of the updated Ford Edge, the Nautilus is slotted between the Aviator and the MKC (which was replaced by Corsair for the 2020 model year) in Lincoln’s lineup.

What vehicle did the Nautilus replace?

Exterior Design
With a new model year and name, the Nautilus offers drivers with a new and expressive exterior look to the previous design of the MKX.

Is the Ford Explorer bigger than the Lincoln Nautilus?

The Ford Explorer is a little narrower than the Lincoln Nautilus, so you’ll have an easier time getting in and out of the car in a tight parking spot. For some people, bigger is better. If that’s the case for you, then you’ll be happier with the Ford Explorer, which is slightly longer than the Lincoln Nautilus.

What is Lincoln Nautilus comparable to?

The Cadillac XT5 continues to trail behind while being the Lincoln Nautilus SUV’s closes competitor on all the metrics we compare below. The Lincoln Nautilus offers more powerful engine options to best the Cadillac XTF in torque.

Is Ford discontinuing the Lincoln Nautilus?

Is the Lincoln Nautilus being discontinued? No, the Lincoln Nautilus is not being discontinued. Instead, it is receiving an all-new version for the 2024 model year. The completely redesigned 2024 Lincoln Nautilus midsize luxury SUV will arrive nationwide at Lincoln dealerships starting in early 2024.

What is Lincoln’s equivalent to the Ford Explorer?

Lincoln Aviator
The Lincoln equivalent of the Explorer is the Lincoln Aviator, as it has almost the exact same dimensions, and borrows the high powered V6 engine from the Explorer as its powertrain. The two vehicles are both powerful family SUVs that offer loads of speed and fun features.

Is Lincoln Nautilus same size as Ford Edge?

These midsize SUVs each offer spacious interiors with ample space. Both vehicles can fit five passengers over two rows of seating. But while they’re similar in space, the Lincoln Nautilus has a slight advantage in front legroom with 42.8 inches vs. the 42.6 inches of front legroom featured in the Ford Edge.

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