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What Should You Expect from a Comprehensive Hyundai Service?

What Should You Expect from a Comprehensive Hyundai Service?

Many drivers have little to no experience of what happens under the bonnet of their cars, and this can lead to confusion regarding a Hyundai service. Apart from the need for a Hyundai mechanic, that’s familiar with your Hyundai car, what else can you expect from a comprehensive car service? Let’s find out in this brief car servicing guide.

What Car Systems and Parts are Inspected

There are certain vital car systems, parts, and equipment that need to be regularly inspected to ensure that the car is safe to drive, running smoothly and fuel-efficient. These car systems checks typically include:

  • Air Filter: This needs to be cleaned or changed regularly to allow clean air into the engine.
    Spark Plugs: The spark plugs on your car offer some insight into the condition of the engine. If the spark plugs are covered in grease, this means that there could be an oil leak that needs repairing. The spark plugs need to be checked and replaced if they show signs of wear to assist in correct engine timing.
  • Cables and Leads: There are a number of cables and leads in your car that are needed to deliver fluids, and they should last for a decade. If the leads show signs of wear and tear, they need to be replaced to prevent a leak.
  • Steering: The steering response time needs to be checked to ensure that you can steer and change direction without delays.
  • Bulbs: The lights on your car must be working, any blown bulbs should be replaced to maintain safety and avoid a fine.
  • Safety Belts: The safety belts should be checked to make sure that they are safe to use and working as intended by the manufacturer.
  • Wiper Blades: Over time wiper blades become worn, they streak the windscreen, and they need to be replaced.
  • Air Conditioning: The efficiency of your AC system needs to be checked regularly to ensure that it’s effective and efficient to use.

The Brake Service

We rely on our brakes to stop in an emergency, and a brake service will ensure that they are performing to the manufacturer’s standards. The depth of the brake pads will be evaluated to make sure they are road legal and safe to use. The brake response time is critical in an emergency, so the Hyundai mechanic will check the brake fluid levels. The brake rotors will also be inspected, and you will be advised if they need to be replaced.

The Change Oil

An oil change is one of those essential jobs that you can do yourself, but it can be messy, and many drivers simply let the technicians do it for them during their regular car service. We need to change the oil regularly to ensure that it remains viscous and effective at lubricating the systems in our car. Old car oil is dirty, it has a dark black colour, and it can form a sludge in your engine that will damage your components. Eventually, this will lead to an engine failure and an expensive repair or even an engine replacement.

If you need to visit an approved Hyundai service centre, contact AHG to arrange an appointment today.

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