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Which engine oil is used in Ford Figo?

Engine Oil for Ford Figo
The engine oil used in a Ford Figo depends on whether it is a petrol or diesel engine.
For the Ford Figo petrol engine, the recommended engine oil grade is 10W-50 synthetic. It is important to use the specified grade mentioned in the owner’s manual for optimal engine performance and longevity.
For the Ford Figo diesel engine, the best engine oil grade is 5W-30 synthetic oil. This grade is recommended to ensure proper lubrication, optimal engine performance, and increased engine life .
The oil capacity for the Ford Figo is 3.5 liters for the petrol engine and 1.4 liters for the diesel engine.
It is essential to adhere to the recommended engine oil grade and capacity to ensure the proper functioning and longevity of the Ford Figo’s engine.

Does Ford recommend full synthetic oil?

Every Ford model has the required oil specification listed in the owner’s manual. High performance cars like the Mustang as well as turbocharged engines across the Ford lineup typically require synthetic engine oil. If your car doesn’t require synthetic oil, the choice is yours to make.

What happens if I put 5w30 instead of 5w20?

Using 5W-30 instead can reduce fuel economy and impede flow throughout the engine. While using it temporarily in a pinch likely won’t cause your engine lasting harm, remember that the engineers who built your engine did so with a specific viscosity oil in mind, meaning it’s best to stick with it.

Why is Ford Figo the best?

I drive a Figo titanium blu, this hatchback is out of class segment and the beat among the competitors, it runs like a rocket, has efficient mileage, and ford has worked on maintenance costs too. This should be the leader of the segment, the best performance with 96bhp(petrol).

What is best oil to use in Model A Ford?

Therefore, we recommend the use of a modern 10W-40 multi-viscosity motor oil.

What engine does a Ford Figo have?

The Ford Figo has 2 Diesel Engine and 2 Petrol Engine on offer. The Diesel engine is 1498 cc and 1499 cc while the Petrol engine is 1194 cc and 1497 cc . It is available with Manual & Automatic transmission.

Can I use 5w30 instead of 5w20 in my Ford?

In 2011, Ford started recommending 5w30 for the turbocharged 3.5 Ecoboost engines, but they haven’t changed the recommendation for the non-turbo duratec. You can run both 5w20 or 5w30 safely on these engines (turbocharged and non-turbo). Both oils will work great.

Is Ford Figo engine reliable?

Ford Figo is a very good car in all sense. Powerful and smooth engine, slick-shifting gears, excellent ride and handling, comfy cabin space, low maintenance cost. Ford have quality products in its portfolio. They should bring the next generation of their cars to India.

Which engine oil is used by Ford?

Motorcraft®* motor oil
What is the recommended engine oil for my Ford? Ford recommends using Motorcraft®* motor oil for your Ford vehicle. Using the right oil helps keep your vehicle’s engine clean, reduces overall wear, and maximizes performance.

What oil does a 2013 Ford Figo 1.4 use?

Ford uses Castrol Magnatec Professional A5 5W-30 oil. Seems to be custom made with Ford and fully synthetic oil.

What kind of oil does a Ford Figo 1.4 Duratec take?

The Duratec petrol engine does have a belt and for the petrol version, the recommended engine oil in the 10W-50 Synthetic engine oil.

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